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In the past, the only way to project a film onto a flat screen was to use a digital projector. However, as technology has progressed, modern digital projection screens now come with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. They come with a number of different features to make sure you get the best viewing experience possible. Most of these features are the same as those that you would find in any good HDTV. These include low voltage operation, wide viewing angles, high contrast ratio, no glare, and brighter colors. In order to create a quality interactive projection screen, however, you have to go one step further. So what exactly is an interactive projection screen? Basically, it is an LCD display that projects a flat image on to a projector mounted on a screen. The screen contains a special matrix that projects a series of moving images that can be controlled by remote control. The remote control is connected to the projector so that it can be moved around in space or brought closer to your room. Since the image projected on the screen is actually a moving one, this means that motion of the projector is not a problem either. It is often possible to move the projector to allow the image to project behind the screen or above it. This makes the projected image very realistic and very high quality. You could use an projection screen in conjunction with another large screen for a multi-screen experience. For example, if you wanted to project three different pictures onto three different screens, you could place the projector above the lower screen. The projection effect would actually appear on all three screens. You could also use the digital projection screen in conjunction with other screens such as plasma or LED television.
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Published on 19-05-2020
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