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Published on 07-03-2019
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420 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Centre, #03-03
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At ThinkersBox, we are more than just academics and grades. We are laying the critical foundation for our childrens future ~ a future where they will be a confident, successful and effective individual who can achieve their full potential. As our world continues to evolve, our kids will grow up in a world much different from ours. In this new world, textbook knowledge and basic paper qualifications will no longer guarantee success. What will truly set our child apart and make them stand out from the crowd is the effective use of their intellectual power ~ to be able to learn new knowledge quickly, think critically, find solutions to problems, being focused on their goals and the ability to create. By laying a strong intellectual foundation from young, we are giving our children the GIFT of FUTURE SUCCESS. At ThinkersBox, we help children to be BRAIN-Ready for a BRIGHT Future. Look beyond grades, Invest in your childs future NOW!

Website: https://thinkersbox.com/

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