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Published on 17-11-2020
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Mark Glesson
Contact: 6027628503
United States
Website: safedryout.com/moldy-carpet-cleaning/
$ 99.00


Mold is a type of fungus that can attach to fabrics, carpets, and other surfaces. It needs moisture to grow and spread. Carpets are excellent at trapping moisture, and so mold grows easily and quickly on carpets. Moisture gets stuck in the carpets when it gets wet due to basement flooding, plumbing problems in your home, high humidity, and a ceiling leak. It further creates a very suitable environment to grow mold. There are many places in our home where we overlooked the moldy carpets, which can create several health issues. Safe Dry Out has the complete mold carpet cleaning action plan. Our action plan can help you to get rid of musty carpets in only a few hours.

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