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I have always been fascinated with food. As a teenager, when most of my peers were watching MTV, Channel V or sappy movies, I would be glued to the television watching cookery shows with a notepad in my hand and a pen tucked away behind my ear. I dabbled in a little bit of experimental cooking as a teenager which paved the way for my culinary journey as an adult. Fortunately, my enthusiasm for cooking not only continued but intensified as time elapsed. My husband has willingly rendered his excellent services as a guinea pig for all my kitchen antics since the day we were married! Luckily for me, both my mum and my MIL are fabulous cooks so I didn't have to look elsewhere for inspiration. When I'm not at work or spending time with my daughters, I spend a large chunk of my free time cooking and experimenting with new dishes.
Besides cooking, I have many other interests such as watching movies, listening to music, reading, shopping, outdoor activities, exploring good restaurants and traveling. Marriage opened my eyes to a whole new range of cuisine, culture, experiences, books and cinema which I can honestly say has enriched my life. The man in my life has been the one who kept pushing me towards blogging recognizing my penchant for writing so thanks for you.
Kailash Parbat has a rich legacy of taste and tradition, more than 55 years of glory that few restaurants can boast of. Kailash Parbat has enjoyed the patronage of at least 4 generations of loyal patrons who swear by the delightful flavours and rich aromas of authentic Sindhi cuisine, created from the finest ingredients and to exacting standards. The consistently ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ taste has emerged the signature of Kailash Parbat.
Kailash Parbat is synonymous with its ‘Pani Puri’ and ‘Chaats’, not to mention tasty Punjabi food. Kailash Parbat is also the only restaurant in Singapore to serve authentic Sindhi delicacies such as ‘ BHUGAL BHEE ALOO’ and ‘Koki’. To cater to the varying palate demands of its die-hard patrons, Kailash Parbat also offers variety of cuisines including Oriental, Continental and more. The mélange of cuisine is designed to appeal all palates.
Kailash Parbat is renowned for its fast, efficient service. Priced at affordable rates to make the dining experience within the reach of all. Kailash Parbat has received rave reviews on various websites and prestigious magazines including the Upper Crust in India and HungryGo Where in Singapore.


Contact Person: kailash parbat
Email: manirohit000@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 6291554500
Website: http://www.kailashparbat.com.sg