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The benefits of mobile phone WAP micro-site construction? With the Internet is widely used in Sing

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The benefits of mobile phone WAP micro-site construction?   With the Internet is widely used in Sing


The benefits of mobile phone WAP micro-site construction?

With the Internet is widely used in Singapore, Singapore's corporate website has become an essential business display platform, providing enterprises, products and other information to customers via the Internet, so that customers can contact with front companies have a basic understanding, while reducing the one by one to the promotion of enterprise customers time and manpower and other costs.

Wired networks bring us convenience, but also because of restrictions network devices by not more efficient, more flexible and available to customers. WAP is a business enterprise in the wireless communications equipment site, can be applied to mobile phone, PDA and other devices that support text, images, ringtone format. In the most clear and direct way to the customer, the customer can view business information anytime, anywhere, product information, service information, to narrow the distance between enterprises and customers. With wireless messenger WAP PUSH function, you can send graphics to the customer under and appearance of wireless information.
A multi-channel show business style
? enterprises on the phone to build their own mobile site, you can multi-channel show business style, dissemination of corporate culture, establish a corporate image, enhance their visibility.
? site via mobile phone companies can introduce the basic situation of enterprises, so that dealers and users more aware of your existence; can advertise your superior products and services, so that dealers and users to know you in the comparison, approached you, until you choose;
? employees can use the phone quickly understand the company dynamic, easy to communicate with the outside world a variety of information, more opportunities to seek joint ventures and cooperation.
2, reduce operating costs
? provide immediate commercial messages, catalogs, advertising and marketing content. Information put on the mobile site, not just now "come out" and began to be effective, it can be updated at any time, correct, save time, save an enormous amount of manpower and printing expenses.
? advertising and marketing of low-cost, high recovery rates. Compared with other advertising media, low cost mobile site.
? reducing the company's "pre-inquiry" and "service" operating costs.
? can order fused marketing and advertising to promote the purchase intention.
? not with the existing conflicts or other traditional commercial media duplication and reduce waste.
3, Competitive Advantage
? enterprise information system is a mobile site to showcase their products, showing a window of corporate culture, is a quick way to publish corporate information.
? via mobile Internet enables internal and external employees communicate more smoothly, more, more detailed information, enhance information security; can greatly improve customer satisfaction with their services.

We focus on improving the quality of Singapore's website, to enhance corporate value and market potential, to provide you with quality service station in Singapore.
1 product distribution system, the news release system, online shopping systems, membership management systems, message systems, online customer service, traffic statistics;
2 well-designed brand corporate website, including company profiles, news, products, Feedback, Contact Us, Links, etc.;
3 Website Package: propaganda-type packages, promotion type packages, e-commerce-type packages, industry portals type packages, forum community-based packages, personal blog packages, mobile devices such as micro-sites, and custom development;
4 proxy domain name registration, web hosting, business mail, office and application software.
5 provides enterprise CRM systems, enterprise OA system, industry ERP system, ordering management systems, logistics management systems, POS systems and other software sales and services.

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