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ST Residence

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ST Residence


Having came to Singapore, as foreign professionals (now Singapore citizens), we wanted something that was comfortable, ready to stay and were also willing to pay a reasonable premium. However, we realized that The standard residential lease in Singapore is 2 years with no exit clause. Traditional serviced apartments are way too expensive. We wanted to live in a nice fully furnished place, ideally with full facilities like a swimming pool, bbq pit, gym, etc. We did not want to deal with the hassle of setting up all that is needed when you move into a new place Utilities (water and electricity) and committing to a new utility contract (which also requires lots of time and a deposit) Setup of cable TV providers, understanding how it works, and selecting the right price plan Setup of Internet Service Providers, selecting the right price plan and set it all up Finding a reliable housekeeper Finding home maintenance solutions to fix small issues like leaky taps, washing machine malfunctioning, aircon mai


Contact Person: ST Residence
Email: enquiry@stresidences.com
Mobile No.: 9058 9512
Website: www.stresidences.com/